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Grain Marketing Education

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Grain Marketing Toolbox

Add marketing tools to your marketing toolbox. 
Learn about the tools available you can utilize without a broker to help you increase your final cash sale price.
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Grain Marketing Consulting

Wheat Harvest

Full Service Marketing Service

We partner with our clients to market grain using our pricing tools that give the same benefits of futures and options, but with NO MARGIN CALLS or HIGH COST STRATEGIES.

Partnering with us provides you with:

  1. Powerful marketing tools with NO MARGIN CALLS or UPFRONT OPTION COST.

  2. A custom marketing plan with targets to be executed as the market moves.  

  3. We leverage large bushel volumes to help us work more efficiently with our local market to help negotiate stronger cask prices.

  4. We live where we market.  We understand your dirt, and know the dirt you farm.

  5. Our consultants work with smaller customer numbers to ensure the highest customer service levels.


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