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Who We Are

Jake Kubela, the Founder/Managing Partner, is a ND farm kid who has spent his career in agriculture. He grew up around his family farm, and still actively participates in any way possible.  In addition, his experience in ag lending and grain marketing helps provide the extra value you look for.

We believe, that for every tool/strategy we use, you should understand how it works, and what the potential risks are before it's used.  We work along side you, discuss marketing decisions, help execute on sales, and share best practices with you, so you don't have to learn the hard way.  

In 2019 Jake was introduced to new pricing tools that were able to market using futures and options with NO RISK OF MARGIN CALLS.   They give you freedom to market without the risk writing huge checks to maintain futures or pay for options positions. 

Game Changers

We hedge grain without committing to an elevator, end user or to a delivery time.  You maintain full control of your grain until your ready to set basis and deliver.  Pricing tools that are changing how grain is sold.  

We are passionate about agriculture and helping you get what you deserve from your grain.

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